Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Wrap-up

Another month that ran right past me.  Wow.  It's already July.  Here is my June Wrap-Up, some of my favorite posts from this month.  

The crafty DIYs were super slim this month.  Though, I'm thinking this might be my favorite DIY yet.  Part 1 and Part 2 of my wide macramé bracelet.    We'll see what July holds for the crafty side of things.  I have big news, but I'm waiting until next week (hopefully!) to share it!  Super excited.  

I made some yummy Reese's Nutella Cookies.  They were a big hit at my niece's baptism.  I made about 70, and only a handful survived the party.  

I started a new series called Thirsty Thursday.  I've only made two drink thus far, but I loved the Strawberry Mojito I made last week.  

Actually, I started two new series this month.  I also started a series called This Is Me.  My favorite one this month was the first one.  I love this photo of my second tattoo.  It will be nice to have when I'm old, and you can't tell what the heck I have scribbled on my wrist.  That might be one of my favorite parts of tattoos.  Watching them age.  

Aaron and I visited Bennington, Vermont, and saw Peter Dinklage talk.  Amazing speech.  More than happy we took the time off for that.  

I wore this dress on the trip.  This is definitely my favorite piece of clothing currently.  I want all the things I own to be this bright and colorful, while making me look good at the same time.  I have a habit of buying things that I'm attracted to on the hanger, but do not complement my body at all.  I want to try to end that habit, and only buy quality clothing, that makes me feel and look beautiful.  

We took a trip at the end of the month, and celebrated our buddy's bridal shower.  We went up to the Adirondacks, and camped out for the night.  

We had to deal with another death this month.  The lovely dog we inherited back in May, Moose met his untimely demise.  He is in a better place.  I miss him everyday, though.  

That was my June.  Hope you all had a lovely June, and I hope everyone has a fantastic July!  Happy DIYing, chris.