Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kiwi Nectarine Cocktail

Happy Thirsty Thursday!  Today I have another white rum cocktail.  I have a habit of wanting to use up whatever I have before I buy new stuff.  I've wanted to branch out of just making white rum cocktails, but that's what I have, so that's what I'm using.  I'm not really one to have a stocked bar.  Maybe now that we are homeowners, we might change that.  :)  Anyway, today I made a Kiwi and Nectarine Cocktail.  

- half a kiwi
- half a nectarine
- a shot of white rum
- a half shot of simple syrup
- 7Up

Cut the fruit up.  Pour the white rum and simple syrup into the glass.  Then smash the fruit into the bottom of the cup.  Add ice, and fill up with 7up.  Stir, and drink!  

Yum!  Like Aaron said you can barely taste the rum, but yet it's not super sugary either.  Another perfect summer cocktail.  Fruit and white rum always equal a win in my book!  Now I need to go relax, and enjoy my cocktail! :)  Happy DIYing, chris.