Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Taking the Day Off

I've been working my butt off at my house everyday.  I wake up around seven.  Drink my coffee, and do some house research on products, tips, and home improvement tutorials.  Then I get ready to go over to my house, and work there until dinner time.  It's a full time job, and I haven't taken a day off since we bought it on the ninth.  Aaron really encouraged me to take today off.  I was definitely resistant, and it took some work on Aaron's part, but I decided he had a good idea.  

Of course I couldn't fully take the day off, so we spent the morning getting new windows for our bedroom.  By the time we were done with that whole ordeal, we were starving for lunch.  I love tomato and cheese sandwiches in the summer, and they are even better with tomatoes I grew.  This is a Pink Ponderosa, as you can tell it is super juicy.  It's a little sweeter than your typical red tomato, but so flavorful.  

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the couch, catching up on season 2 of Rookie Blue, and treated myself to a Cadbury ice cream popsicle.  I'm waiting for disc four from Netflix, and I hope they didn't kill off Swarek!  And just as him and McNally were finally getting together!  I love me some cop drama.  Though when Aaron left for work at four I started feeling ultra lazy, and decided to get some laundry done.  I also did some vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom.  Since getting our house I've been seriously letting my chores fall behind.  Now I'm catching up on my reality TV shows.  Hope ya'll are having a relaxing Wednesday, and happy DIYing, chris!