Saturday, July 7, 2012

This Is Me #5

#1.  I grew up in Delaware. 
 It's the second smallest state, but I'm certain most people think it's a town in Pennsylvania or New Jersey (unless they remember Wayne's World).  I currently live here with my husband.   Delaware is a great state to live in, because it's centrally located to a lot of great cities, and it is vastly diverse.  In a short car ride I can get to Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C., and New York City all in less than two hours.  Sure there is a lot of suburbia, but there is also city life, beach living, and a rural atmosphere.  

#2.  I have three brothers named Christopher (one spells his name with a 'K' though).  
left to right: Helmerson, Kery, me, Meanor
I come from a blended family.  I have two half brothers, and a step-brother.  To make things easier, we call the Chrises by their last names a lot.  Chris Helmerson is the oldest, and we share the same father.  Kris Kery is the middle Chris, and we share the same mother.  Chris Meanor is a few months younger then Kery, his father and my mother have been together since I was 12.  They are all about 6 years older than me.  

#3.  I graduated from Bennington College.
  Bennington is a tiny liberal arts college tucked into the hills of Vermont.  It has an awesome alternative educational program.  A student starts off at Bennington like any freshman in college, and they leave Bennington as a person they could not have become at any other higher educational facility.  I wouldn't trade my time at Bennington for anything in the world.     

#4.  After college I moved out to California, and met the love of my life!
Aaron and I worked at Idyllwild Arts Summer Camp together.  I was the camp photographer, and Aaron was the assistant technical director.   That was the summer of 2006, and we got married April 16th, 2011.  I'm so happy to be able to spend the rest of my life with him!

#5.  I want to kiss and hug all animals!  
It's rare that I don't get along with pets.  It breaks my heart when they don't want to be my friends.  I smoother my pets with love, maybe a little on the Elmyra side of things.  Just kidding.  I do educate myself on healthy pet care.  

Hope you enjoyed, and happy DIYing, chris!