Sunday, July 8, 2012

Calendar Talk

I know it's July 8th, and I shouldn't have anymore June things to post about, BUT here is my handmade calendar from June, and my July calendar.  

I really like June's calendar.  I think that might have played a big role in my procrastinating.  I want June to stick around a little longer, please.  

We managed to jam a whole lot into this month.  We started it off in Bennington, Vermont watching Peter Dinklage talk, and checking out local tourist attractions.  Then right into my niece's baptism.  Next, the week of birthdays, beginning with my cousin's, then my uncle's, finishing off with my Grandmom's birthday, she turned 82!!!  Aaron & I went to our first rodeo in Cowtown, NJ.  We traveled up to the Adirondack's, and celebrated our friends' bridal shower.  Sadly, only to return to a beyond sick pup, and we had to say goodbye to Moose.  The month ended with our six year anniversary of being a couple, but we didn't do anything.  

July is supposed to look like a cocoon.  Ya know?  Like the very hungry caterpillar from June ate just the right amount, and is now hiding out while it transforms.  July is a good time for reflection, shedding old ways, and finding new beginnings.  

Today we went to an ice cream festival.  It was crazy hot outside, so we didn't stay long, but we did listen to some live music, and eat some creamy vanilla ice creams.  Plus, we got to try some pasta from this new restaurant we've been wanting to try out.  All the vendors were local creameries, eateries, crafts people, and brewers.  I wish I had a bottomless pit for a stomach, so I could have tried more than one ice cream! 

Tomorrow is my sister-in-law's birthday, and Friday is my cousin's birthday!  Then on the 21st we'll be celebrating my brother's engagement.  I can tell this month is going to get just as busy as June.  

Well I hope ya'll are staying out of the heat, and happy DIYing, chris.