Monday, July 23, 2012

Thyme for Breadcrumbs

Today's recipe for Nom Nom Monday is super easy.  I had a long day at the house, and I wasn't that enthusiastic about making something.  So I'm using some pics from a few days ago when I made some breadcrumbs.  

I've been saving the ends of bread for months.  I save them by tearing the bread up into small bits like above, and then I store them in a plastic bread bag in the freezer.  I love potato bread, so that's what I used, but this would work with any bread.  

I preheated the oven to 350ºF, and covered a cookie sheet with foil.  Then I sprayed the tray down with oil, and sprayed the bread bits with oil.  I seasoned them with seasoned salt, and popped them in the oven for twelve minutes or so.  When they were toasty brown I pulled them out.  

Next I threw them in a blender, and mixed in some dried thyme.  I used about a tablespoon per cup of bread.

This is what it looked like when done.  I had 8 cups of bread, and that resulted in about 4 cups of breadcrumbs.  It's always useful to have breadcrumbs on hand.  There are so many yummy dishes I can make with them.  Last night my mom used them to make zucchini fries.  They were tasty, a great  healthy alternative to french fries.  

Well, I'm tired and it's not even eight!  'Night!  Happy DIYing, chris