Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cute Hot Summer Outfit

Since I haven't been getting dressed up lately I haven't been making an outfit posts.  When I got dressed up yesterday (for my brother's engagement dinner) I knew I had to have Aaron snap some photos.  I wore this outfit in the spring on a rainy day, but I restyled it for the hot summer days we've been having. 
dress -- H & M
slip -- thrifted vintage
belt -- Target
necklace -- my cousin made the pendant, and the chain was a gift
bracelet -- inherited from my step-grandmother
sandals -- DSW Mix No. 9

My cousin made the glass pendant for this necklace, and I always get at least one compliment when I wear it.  The gold chain is an antique from my mother-in-law.  She gave me the diamond for my engagement ring on it, and when I got the ring the jeweler was really impressed with the chain.  Apparently they don't make this type of chain anymore, because it's super delicate.  He cleaned it for me, and gave me a large silk lined padded box to keep it in.  

I almost feel off the rock when I was stepping onto it, and Aaron was sure to snap an action shot.  :)  

This is the only pair of sandals I own, and they are perfectly summery.  

I'm not really sure what I'm looking at or doing in this photo, but it makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.  Maybe I'm about to fall down a rabbit hole.  

I love all the colors in this dress' intricate pattern.  The blue lace and silk slip is the perfect addition to lengthen this short dress, and make it family appropriate, while still keeping it dainty and feminine.  Oh, and don't worry that weird stuff on my knuckles is just paint.  No, I don't have some gross skin disease, but I do have super veiny hands and wrists.  

And before I go here's an outtake.  Goodnight, and Happy DIYing, chris!