Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Working At It Again.

Back at the workhorse again.  Aaron removed all the large trash from the house yesterday, so today I took some photos of how the house is looking.  First here is a reminder of how the living room originally looked.  Awesome carpet right?  

This is how it is currently looking.  We finished removing the carpet (the easy part), then we spent hours scraping at the padding that had became one with the floor beneath, and removing staples along with the tack strips.  I still have some scrapping to do in front of the bathroom.  Then it will be time to rent a floor sander.  I can't wait to see how these floors polish up.  

This is the downstairs bathroom.  Behind the green curtain on the left is a large standing shower.  You can also see just how grimy the walls are here.  Look on the doorframe to the left.  Everywhere in this house around hand height the paint has been worn down on the walls.   I'm willing to be the old lady who lived here previously spent very little time cleaning in her last decade of life.  

This is the downstairs bedroom.  I've been spending the most time working on this room so far.  It used to have wood paneling in it, but my stepdad helped take that down.  My mom helped me remove the drywall and insulation from the two exterior walls.  Today I spent the day vacuuming and scrubbing this room down.  The floor is still a bit wet in these photos from me mopping.  We want to flash and insulate the windows better, and the walls.  Hopefully we will be able to do a better job keeping moisture from getting in than the previous owner did.  

This is the dining room.  We were storing the trash in here, and now it's the tool storage area.  For now we are just going to give the room a light sanding.  Clean the heck out of it, then cover everything in paint.  I definitely need to think about doing something with that hanging light.  I'll try giving it a makeover, and see how that goes, but it might just get replaced.  Currently half the times Aaron walks through this room he runs his head smack into it.  We don't currently own a dining room table, so this room might not get used much.  Buying a dining table isn't really a priority,  right now.  Though we have been pricing some fun tables at the local used furniture joints.  Can you tell I'm excited to get to the decorating part.  

This is the kitchen.  It's a great size, just a bit awkward.  This is another room we will be scrubbing down, coating in paint, and then it will be good to go.  Someday we'll give this guy a complete makeover.  It will be super fun to make this our own style.  

Here are the stairs.  Don't they look awesome?  I was so pleased there was nothing wrong with them under that carpet.  I was totally expecting to spend hours scrubbing away.  

And on that happy note I'm going to go!  I'll share the upstairs tomorrow.  Oh by the way we are having another heat wave in my neck of the woods.  I was working in 100º heat with no A/C or fan on today!  We have A/C, but I didn't want to suck up all the nasty dust I was knocking about today.   I've been doing a good job keeping myself hydrated, and a couple times today I even thought, "a hundred degrees isn't so bad.  I can totally handle this".  I must be going crazy.  Hope you're keeping cool in all this heat, and happy DIYing, chris.