Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving Upstairs

As I promised yesterday here are some photos of the upstair half of my home.  Starting off with the girl's bedroom.  It's pink, and the door says "Lisa's".  

Here is a detail shot of the creepy little attic door.  If the little door isn't creepy enough, that little girl drawing should do the trick.

This is the light switch, also a bit creepy.  Plus why did this girl have three (one not shown) locks on her door?  

The upstairs bathroom.  

The blue bedroom.  The downstairs bedroom had this same paneling in it, but we took it down.  

Ick, it was soooo hot today.  We worked for a couple hours taking down the shoe molding, but we were sweating buckets, so we decided to make it a short work day.  When I got home I was too beat to do anything but snack and nap. Maybe I'll hang out in the air conditioning, watch some movies, and paint my fingernails.  Hope ya'll are having a lovely Wednesday, and happy DIYing, chris.