Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bleach Dip Dyed

I was cleaning the other day, and I accidentally splashed a bit of bleach on my tank top.  I wear a tank top almost everyday, so I wanted to come up with a fix for the bleach dribbles.  I immediately thought of dip dying with bleach.  I can't take ownership to this idea either.  I've seen it around the internet too, but there is a particularly beautiful lady who has caught my eye with her lovely bleach dipped creations, Liska Cole at A Glass Jar.  I totally have a girl crush on her.  Her photos make me want to move back to California yesterday.  So today's DIY is not only to save my tank top, but also to celebrate how awesome A Glass Jar is.  This is the tank top, and a close up of the stains.  

I mixed about a 1/4 cup of bleach with four cups of water, and soaked the bottom half of my tank top.  Then I made dinner, and ate while it bleached.  

Then I realized I couldn't stand to only use my bleach mixture once, so I found a couple more things to bleach.  

I threw them all in the washer, and then dryer, and here are the finished products.  Sorry no before photos of the other two tops.  The last one didn't change at all.  The tag doesn't list the materials, so I'm going to guess it's made of something synthetic.  

I'm glad I tried out this simple DIY.  I like the middle, green shirt the best.  I want to try this out on some shorts, or maybe a skirt next.  I'm already back at work, getting ready for the fall picture season.  With buying the house, and all the work that still needs to be done on it, and already back working nearly four days a week, I don't have much time for the blog right now.  So I apologize for anything being below par on the blog.  I made a promise to myself to update this everyday, but the posts might get extremely short in the future.  I hope ya'll are able to stick through it with me, because I promise this blog will rock socks once Aaron and I get settled into our house.  Until tomorrow, happy DIYing, chris.