Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Button Earrings

O. M. G.  This morning I left for work at 8:30AM, and I only got home for the day at 9:45PM!  I left work at one, but I had to go to my house, and hang out while some contractors did some work.  Such a long day, and I only ate a small lunch this afternoon.  I didn't realize they would work for so long, and didn't plan to do my DIY until I got home.  Obviously when I got home I needed to eat, and by then it was ten thirty.  So needless to say today's DIY is beyond simple. 

I used these super tiny buttons to make post earrings.  

I simply hot glued them to the head of an earring post.  You can buy earring posts for jewelry making at Michael's.  Or at least that's my go-to-craft-supply store.  I love mixing and matching the different colors. 

See how tiny they are, aren't they cute?  I actually made this pair a long time ago, and they've held up pretty well.  I want to make more, but I might use an epoxy instead of hot glue to attach them to the earring posts.  I think epoxy will hold up longer, and will be easier to get a nice clean finished look.  

Hope ya'll are having a great tuesday, and happy DIYing, chris.