Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tri-colored Braided T-shirt Bracelet

Another DIY I left until the end of the day, but I'm really happy with the results of this crafty project I threw together.  I made a tri-color braided bracelet.  

I used three different t-shirts in yellow, orange, and blue.  I love these colors together, they complement each other so well, and they're unisex!  I used scissors to cut three strips of each color.  The strips each measured a half inch wide, and eight to ten inches long.  I used the needle and thread to sew the strips together at the beginning and end.  

I also sewed all three colors together, and then I braided them together.  At the end I sewed the two ends together.  I left the different length ends, because they add a fun flare.  Like a mini pom-pom.  When sewing the ends make sure to go through all the strips of fabric, that way it's nice and secure and wont come unraveled.  

A simple craft, with great results.  Anyone could do this with some extra fabric, and twenty minutes to spare.  I'm fairly certain of seen similar bracelets at Forever21 sold for around five bucks.  This only cost me time. 

I'm thinking up an outfit to wear this with, and when I'll have my next chance to show off my latest creation!  I wear my DIYs proudly, and it makes my day when someone complements them.  I work with children, and it's the highest complement when one of them tells me my bracelet is cool.  

What's your latest creation?  Do you love to show it off?  Have a lovely day, and happy DIYing, chris!