Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun Friday Fascinations #20

Happy Fun Friday Fascinations!  For this week's addition I have all DIYs, and mostly home decor related.  

#1.  This is The Lil' House That Could's Polka Dot Stencil, which she used to paint a closet.  I love pattern, and using it in a small space will make a powerful statement.  

#2.  Girl In Air's Pottery Barn Knock-off Giant Map.  I love maps and large statement art pieces, and this DIY is definitely all that and more.  This would be fantastic to do with reclaimed wood.  I love her clock too!  

#3.  Taking Time To Create's Patchwork Headboard.  Love this DIY, so simple, and it would look dramatically different depending on what fabric you used, and how you laid out the pattern of the squares.  

#4.  This DIY could make a great wedding or home warming present.  Grill Fusion's DIY Name Plate Sign.  I wonder if I know someone that would appreciate this as a gift ...  

#5.  Remember how I was saying on tuesday how I'm already thinking about Halloween?  Well here is another fun Halloween related DIY.  Dana from Made's paper bats.  I love Dana's blog!  I'm a long time fan of hers, she has great tutorials, lovely photos, and her writing always gets me to chuckle.  

Hope ya'll have a great weekend, and for my US readers Happy Labor Day!  Have a safe holiday, and happy DIYing, chris!