Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Wrap-Up

Another month gone by.  Summer is nearly done now, and fall is approaching.  A couple days ago I could sense autumn in the air.  It was dusk, and there were leaves blowing around on the street, and kids were playing on the corner.  There was an urgency to their play, knowing that soon enough it will be too cold and dark out after school to play outside.  Usually when I start getting the beginning-of-the-school-year-jitters there is a crispiness to the air around dusk, but not this year.  The days are still in the nineties, and we are luck to get a bit of relief in the high seventies in the evenings.  The humidity is high, and the mosquitoes are biting.  

Today I'm interrupting my weekly This Is Me with my August Wrap-Up.  I've managed to fit four more This Is Mes into this month, #9, #10, #11, and #12.  I think the twelfth one is my favorite from this month.  I pinned this drawing of mine from that posting, and whenever I see it I'm impressed.  I know that must sound tremendously cocky, but I'm rarely overly proud of anything I create.  So when I am please with something I've made I want to scream about it from the roof tops.  I'm super picky, and I always try to be my toughest critic.  

I've been busy with DIYs this month!  Which I'm super happy about.  I'm loving the Tri-colored Braided T-shirt Bracelet I made this month the most, but my Bleach Dip-Dyed Tank Top, and my wide upcycled Fabric Bracelet are tied for a close second.  I also made cute tiny Button Earrings, a Hair Bowtie made with ribbon, and I started getting ready for Halloween with some paper Black Rats.  

You can also check out one of my other bleach dip-dyed creation in this Outfit Post.  Which also happens to be be the only outfit post I made this month!  

Though I did share two hair-do photos, my favorite being my summer look, the Braided Crown.  I also showed how keeping your hair in a messy bun during the day can result in lush Voluminous Locks for the evening.  

I also shared two cute nail-dos in August.  My Pink Polka Dot do wins hands down, but my Sun Kissed Nails are delightful too.  

Aaron and I traveled up to New York for our buddy Derick's (unisex) Bachelor Party.  We had an awesome time with live music, good food, great friends, and fun ShotSkis!

Speaking of drinking, I've whipped up five new drink recipes this month!  I've been drinking a nonalcoholic version of my End of Summer Cocktail since the first night I mixed that refreshing drink up.  I've made a couple different white rum cocktails this month, a Cherry Rum drink, and a Kiwi & Cherries Cocktail.  I also made two sweet chocolatey milkshakes, a Peanut Butter Nutella Snicker Smoothie, and a Buckeyes Coffee Milkshake.  

Mmm Peanut Butter ... I'm still day dreaming of the Peanut Butter Pie I made near the beginning of August.  Is it too soon to make again?  I've also whipped up a couple zucchini recipes, Sautéed Zucchini, and Parmesan Zucchini Chips with a Creamy Caesar Dressing.  Another snack recipe I came up with was a Cheesy Pretzel Apple Snack.  

In addition to all these lovely things I've posted, and working (nearly) full time, I've been working every chance I get on our house.  Things are finally coming together.  Most of the downstairs is painted, and we've refinished our hardwood floors.  They are looking beautiful all aglow.  I can't wait to move in already!

So that's what I spent my August working on!  I'm excited for this new season, and all the changes it will bring.  What is your proudest creation from August?  Are you ready for Autumn?  Happy DIYing, chris!