Saturday, August 25, 2012

This Is Me #12

1. I use to draw for several hours everyday.  Not sure why I stopped, but these are some pages from a sketchbook I filled in February 2005.  

2.  I'm a spider wrangler.  If you're the type of person that jumps, and screams when they see a creepy crawly, I'm your girl.  I'll smash that eight legged beast before it even knows you exist.  

3.  I know spiders do good things, like eat other bugs, but they also bite me.  I'm slightly allergic to spider bites, and I get a bump that looks like an oversized mosquito bite, and then a small red dot rash appears.  

4.  Hoagies are really popular where I live.  My go to sub is an Italian.  I could eat one of those for lunch everyday.  What do you call a sandwich on a roll?  Do you call it a grinder, or some other entirely different word?  

5.  I'm not athletic, and I don't enjoy watching sports, especially not on TV.  

Hope ya'll are have a great night, and happy DIYing, chris