Thursday, September 27, 2012

Orange Julius

Before Aaron and I left for our road trip I made an Orange Julius for my Thirsty Thursday.  Since it was so early in the morning, and we had nine hours of being stuck in the car ahead of us this recipe is alcohol free.  Thus fun for the whole family! 

I pulled out my blender and dropped in some frozen strawberries, banana, mango, and pineapple pieces.  Probably about seven bite sized chunks.  Then I poured in some pineapple juice, about 1/4 cup, and the same amount of milk.  Next I spooned in about a half can of frozen orange juice concentrate.  

After blending all the ingredients together, I decided the mixture was really tart.   So I added some Cool Whip to the top, and blended that in, which added the perfect amount of sweet creaminess to balance out the tart flavor.  

This was extra easy, and a great early morning treat.  I might need to make this more regularly.  It would be a good on-the-go breakfast for work days too.  

Hope ya'll have a great thirsty thursday, and happy DIYing, chris