Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Long Weekend Packing

Aaron and I are going on a long weekend trip up to Vermont for a wedding.  Aaron is the best man in his best man's wedding this weekend.  It's an eight hour trip to the location so we are leaving tomorrow.  By the time I got home from work, showered, and ate dinner it was a bit past seven.  I set to packing right away, which left no time for working on my gravestones or a new DIY.  So I decided to share some outfit ideas I'm packing.  I love thinking out what I'm going to wear and pairing everything up.   

My first two outfits are my travel outfits, for tomorrow and Sunday.  I like to wear pants and easy to layer tops.  I tend to get chilly during long car rides, and I rarely sit with my feet on the floor, when riding passenger.  It's important to me to be as comfortable as possible while riding around in the car for extended periods.  

This is my outfit for Friday.  I hope I don't need the jacket, because the sleeves are adorable on this top, but it's good to be prepared.  This jacket has a ton of cute details too, so it will be nice to wear it if need be though.  I love this pencil skirt, it makes me feel so womanly.  I'm in need of some new stockings, and I didn't have any great choices to go with this outfit, but I thought the hot pink might be fun.  

Then I'm wearing this outfit again to this wedding.  It's just so darn cute, I couldn't pass up another opportunity to wear it.  Ha!  Maybe I'll take some outfit pictures of me in a completely different location. 

Hope ya'll have a lovely end to your week, and happy DIYing, chris!