Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tombstone DIY Part 2

I worked more on my Tombstone DIY when I got home from work today.  I searched the internet for some good headstone epitaphs.  Then I found some decent gravestone type faces, and worked on the font sizes that would make for the best design.  Finally I printed them out on some card stock paper, and set to town xacto knifing the letters out.  

After an hour and a half I broke the tip off my blade, and only made it through four and a half of the seven words, on one of the tombstones.    I pressed the knife to hard into the plastic I was leaning on, and that's why it broke.  I have back up blades, but I didn't feel like digging them out.  Plus it's getting late, and I have another early work day tomorrow. 

This is the longest epitaph I found.  I hope I find the time to cut it out, because it would look great spray painted on there.  

Have a great night, and happy DIYing, chris