Monday, September 24, 2012

Arctic Ants On A Log

Today's Nom Nom Monday recipe is another simple snack, Arctic Ants On A Log.  Now I know celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins are tasty, but I often crave a more salty snack than a sweet snack, and that's how I came up with this idea.  Celery sticks with cream cheese, and kalamata olives and/or peanuts.  For these five sticks I used one and a half celery stalks, and about a tablespoon of cream cheese, three olives, and three peanuts.  Which was the perfect amount to hold me off until dinner, but I didn't eat too much of the unhealthy stuff to make it a terrible thing to munch on.

I love to snack, and I'm of the belief that snacking isn't a bad thing.  Sure we have a tendency to munch on a truck ton of unhealthy snacks, instead of a sensible portion of healthy food.  However if we think of what we have in the house, and what we could whip together before we get hungry, it can be a helpful trick to curb your appetite between larger meals.  That way when it does come to dinner time we aren't eating three times our portion size, and making poor choices when planning a healthy meal, because we're starving.   Real Simple had a great article A Guide to Healthy Snacking in August's edition.  There are definitely some great tips in there, and I highly recommend giving it a peek.

Thanks for visiting, and hope you had a lovely Monday, and happy DIYing, chris