Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tombstone DIY Halloween Decorations

With fall in the air, I'm ready for Halloween.  So while working on the house today we took a little break and did a fun project.  We made foe tombstones for outdoor decorations out of some leftover OSB.  We started off by sketching out a cross shape on the wood.  Then Aaron used a circular saw to cut the cross out.  

Next we used Valspar's Stone spray paint and sprayed the pieced of cut out wood.  This stuff does a fantastic job covering the wood.  We only needed one coat to get this nice thick grey color.  

Now we have to let the spray paint dry, and I'm going to work on what I would like to stencil on to the front with some black acrylic paint.  I'll have to share the final outcome whenever I'm able to finish them.  This week is going to be busy though, because we are going on a long trip up to the tippy top of Vermont for our good friends' wedding.  We will be leaving on Thursday, and I know I'll be extra busy with work from Monday to Wednesday.  I hope ya'll had a great weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!