Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ultimate Weekend Casual

This is my ultimate casual weekend outfit.  I love this pair of jeans.  I found them on a trip to NYC to visit my friend Mamie.  I grabbed them up from the sale rack at Urban Outfitter's Times Square location.  They only cost $14, and they fit like a glove.  I always have a hard time with pants being too long, but with these being fitted at the ankle it looks cool with all the extra material.  They are Levi's, which is a jean brand you can't go wrong with.  I've had them for about two years, and they are still in great condition, especially considering some weeks I might wear them three or four times.  I like pairing them with a colorful top or a top with an eye catching print.  Today I went for both with my dip-dyed pink tank top and this lovely bird print  blouse from H & M.  

Jeans -- Urband Outfitters, Levi's
Blouse -- H & M
Tank Top -- Target, bleach dip-dyed
Sneakers -- Converse

Well I'm off to my friends house to have a little weekend fun.  Have a great saturday, and happy DIYing, chris!