Monday, October 15, 2012

Classic Favorite Nom Nom

For the first Nom Nom Monday in my new house I'm going to go with something simple and classic.  Ya all know I love mac & cheese, and since I'm eating by myself tonight I couldn't think of a better meal to start off with.  Sadly because I don't currently have internet at my house I'm going to share my recipe with no photos today.  Though you can drool over my similar creation of Bacon Mac & Cheese.  

Today's recipe is Bacon & Peas Mac & Cheese.
- 1 box of mac & cheese (any brand will do)
- 1/2 cup shredded cheese (cheddar melts the easiest)
- 3 tablespoons of cream cheese
- 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese
- a splash of 2 % milk
- 1/4 frozen peas
- 5-8 crispy bacon strips

Boil water for the mac and cheese noodles in a medium sized saucepan.  While you are waiting for that to happen you can cook the bacon.  The bacon should be extra crispy, that way it's easier to crumble into little bits.  Once the water is boiling add the macaroni, and after the noodles are about half way cooked through add the frozen peas.  Don't substitute with canned peas, because the flavor and texture is significantly different.  Once those are throughly cooked drain the excess water off, and run cold water over them.  This will keep them from sticking together.  

Now for the cheese sauce.  Using the same saucepan you used for the noodles add the powdered cheese packet, the shredded cheese, the cream cheese, and the cottage cheese.  Melt everything together on low - medium heat, and add a little bit of milk to keep from getting too thick.  You can always add more milk, but if you add too much you end up with a soupy mess.  I highly recommend using 2% milk because it will be easiest to get the correct consistency and flavor with that percentage.  As for the cheese I like to experiment with different cheeses, but cheddar is usually always my base.  It has a great flavor for mac and cheese, and it's easiest to melt to the correct consistency. 

Once the dairy products have melted together completely you can mix in the noodles and peas.  Then serve and add some bacon to the top of each serving.  I can't think of a more filling or decadent way to eat mac and cheese.  What a meal in deed!  

Have a great night everyone and happy DIYing, chris!