Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moving In Day!

Yay! Moving Day is finally here!  

The living room actually looks like a living room now.  The only thing it's missing is the tv. The rug in this room Aaron got from work (Pier1) for $20, it was originally $300!  That is definitely the biggest benefit of him working there.  Anytime things go deeply out of season, or if it has some sort of damage he can purchase it with his employee discount on top of the awesome sales discounts.  We have definitely gotten some nice things that way.  Actually, that art that is leaning in the corner of the room is from my uncle when he worked there.  Not sure how much he got it for, but I know it was cheap.  Someone spilled their coffee down the back, but I can't tell from the front.  I can't wait to finish putting everything together, and getting some curtains hung.

This is our bedroom.  The light in here is great.  I love how the wood looks with the light shining through our brand new window.  Everything is finally coming together, and it's looking great.  Everyone said it would be super rewarding when we were able to move in, and they were totally right.  

My craft room is kinda a dumping ground right now.  One day not too long from now, this will be a crafting haven. 

This will be Aaron's computer room.  I love the curtains in this room.  I'll have to get a photo of the print on these sometime.  I bought this pair of curtains with the intention of putting them in the kitchen, but they ended up in here.  At least for now.  They definitely need to be hemmed before moving into the kitchen though.  

Some how I totally forgot to take a photo of the kitchen.  Which looks totally sweet.  I think it was because the dining room is just as much, if not more of a dumping ground than my craft room.  It's almost loaded to the brim with boxes.  Right now we don't have a table or chairs to eat at, so with no furniture in that room it made perfect sense to store all the small stuff there for now.  I can't wait to go table shopping.  I love decorating!  Speaking of which I have some boxes to pack, and some to unpack.  Have a lovely day, and happy DIYing, chris!