Saturday, October 13, 2012

Packing Outfit

So busy with packing!  Most of the little stuff is over at our house now.  Tomorrow we are going to rent a Uhaul and move all the big stuff, like the bed and dressers, and couch.  Tonight I'm trying to pack some of the final stuff.
Jeans -- Urban Outfitters Levi's
Cardigan -- Forever21
Top -- Kohl's
Tank Top -- Old Navy (bleach dip dyed)

I pretty much wear this pair of jeans every weekend.  They are so comfy.  Yet I don't feel like a bum in them, which is something comfy clothing tends to do.  In the fall I am almost always wearing a light cardigan.  Right now this one if my favorite, because I love the print on it.  I'd love some cardigans to compete with my love for this one.  

Well I should think more about how this whole move is going to go down tomorrow.  Have a lovely night, happy DIYing, chris!