Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lists, lists, and lists!

I'm a big fan of lists.  I love making them.  I love using them.  I love checking things off lists.  Making notes on lists.  There is nothing I dislike about lists.  I have a notebook specifically for lists.  I've had the notebook for a while, it used to have another purpose, just holding this notebook floods me with memories of past projects.  

I love how different my lists can look.  How neat or sloppy my handwriting can be.  I love when there are tons of squiggles and a few doodles thrown around.  I need to doodle more on my lists, and use more colors.  I love how on some pages I try to use every available blank space, and other pages there is barely a word written on a line.  

When I first bought this notebook I would use it to keep track of my exposure times for different black and white film prints in the darkroom.  The back of the notebook I would slop my test strips on, and to this day it still smells like photo chemicals.  If you've ever spent time in a darkroom, you know that smell.  I miss having a darkroom, and losing whole days in there.  It can be a magical place to spend time.  I find it to be great for relieving stress.  

Well that's all I have for you today.  Hope you're having a great week, and happy DIYing, chris!