Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lotion Love

I don't know about you, but I love to try different lotion.  I always have lotion, but hardly ever do I buy the same brand.  Though I don't shop at Bath and Body Works for my lotion.  I'm more of a Rite Aid or Walgreens kind of girl.  I don't like my lotion to be over powering with scent.  I love a mixture that uses shea and/or coco butter.  I try to stay away from lotions that are packaged in a container with a pump.  I used to buy them, because you can usually get the most for your money that way, but I found I would have to cut off the bottom to get at the last inch of lotion.  Cutting off the bottom was always risque business.  I was always afraid I'd accidentally cut myself!  Anyway here are a few of my favorite moisturizers.  

This hand creme by Nivea I carry with me everywhere.  it has a slight old lady floral scent to it, but the container is perfect.  This one little guy lasts me most of a year.  

This is a great and inexpensive coco butter by Vaseline.  Fantastic smell, and perfect texture.

Burt's Bees' Coconut Foot Creme is exactly what feet need during the dry winters.  It's super thick, so it's a great creme to rub onto a foot, throw on some socks, and take a nap. 

I've been using the store brand version of Eucerin's Aquaphor and it's majorly thick.  Great for dry skin spots.  A bit heavy for everyday use on the hands though.  Love the jar it comes in though.  

Well that's all for today.  Sorry for the lack of DIYing, chris.