Friday, November 23, 2012

Fun Friday Fascinations #32

Offbeat & Inspired has a great DIY Christmas ornament made wtih magazine paper and a foam ball.  So pretty. I need to get back into DIYing, maybe this is just the right type of project for me.  

Speaking of Christmas, stocking stuffer please?  Love this cute lip balm from Urban Outfitters.

I recently had to get a new phone, because my old phone fell out of my pocket, and someone decided to keep it for them self.  This phone case I found on amazon is right up my alley.  I always want a colorful phone case with a great pattern.  Awe, this makes me miss my old phone.  

I love the braided colorful leather, then add in the watch and this is a perfect accessory from ModCloth.

I can never resist bright colors and a modern prints.  I'm not even sure I really need more cups, but this set from ModCloth is screaming my name.  

Happy Fun Friday Fascinations, chris!