Saturday, November 17, 2012

Varnish My Art

A while back I drew on this clipboard I use for work.  I drew on it with fine point Sharpie markers.  When I was finished my husband suggested that I varnish it so it would last longer, but I ignorantly didn't follow his suggest, and paid for it later.  The first day I used it I ended up with purple finger tips from the ink wearing off on to my skin.  I've been using it regularly, and haven't had a chance to remedy that problem.  

Today was finally the day to take the opportunity to save my art on my clipboard from further degradation.  I used a clear varnish finish, and a paint brush to apply it.  

I tried to carefully apply it in small doses, so as not to smear the drawing.  As you can see there was some smearing of the purple on the eye lids, but otherwise it looks pretty good.  I'm waiting for the back to dry completely before I paint a layer on the front, but you get the picture.  Hopefully when I use the clipboard in the future the ink will stay put, and not end up all over my hands.  

Have a lovely day, and happy DIYing, chris!