Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Christmas Card

Today I made a Christmas Card that I plan on sending to my grandparent's.  They're the only people I can be guaranteed wont see it posted on here before they receive it.  I started off by folding a piece of pastel paper in half, and then cut it down to the size I desired the card to be.  Then I cut out an impression of a doily I had made on a homemade piece of paper.  I glued that to the pastel paper.  Then I painted the homemade paper.  

Next I wrote my holiday message across the top in a festive green fine point sharpie.  I also donned the circle of homemade paper with some glitter dots.  

To finish off the outside of the card I added some red bows with a red extra fine point sharpie.  Now my homemade paper kinda resembles a Christmas wreath.  

I like this card.  I hope my grandparent's do too.  Happy DIYing, chris!