Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Nail Art

My work's Christmas party is on Friday, so I thought I'd paint my nails today.  Of course I turned to google to find my nailspiration.  I found a ton of great Christmas inspired nail art, but I'm not all that talented, so I went for the simplest (yet fun!) thing I could find.  I really enjoyed this paint job I found on Polishpedia.  

I don't own any of those colors though, well except for white.  So these are the colors I went with instead.  From left to right: Funky Fingers in Zeppelin, Ulta Nail Lacquer in white, Julie in Mermaid's Tail, and Orly's Won't Chip.  I used the first color as my base coat.  It took two coats to get proper coverage, but it dried quickly.  Then I used the white with a paperclip to make the "snowflakes".  I used the Mermaid's Tail to make my Christmas Tree.  My tree isn't as perfect as Polishpedia's, but it at least resembles a tree and not a dark teal blob.  I finished off with a topcoat of Orly's Won't Chip, which I've said before I never go without when painting my nails.  When they say won't chip, they mean it.  

This is how my left hand turned out.  Sorry it's slightly blurry.  Apparently my arm isn't quite long enough to hold in front of the camera and get sharp focus on my finger nails.  

Next time I'll have to remember to break out the tripod.  It can be such a hassle though.  I really need to buy a remote to make it a bit easier.  Anywho, that's all for today. Happy DIYing, chris!