Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Today has been an extra lazy day.  Aaron and I did one productive thing together before he left for work in the mid-afternoon.  We installed some shelves in our kitchen.  The bracing for the shelves were already in place when we bought the house, but the previous owner just had a cheap piece of medium density fiber board that was majorly sagging.  We threw that away before we even moved in, because besides the sag there were some gross stains on it too.  A couple weeks ago we bought some nice plain pine wood, but today we finally took the time to measure and cut the wood.  It was such a simple project, and now our kitchen is more organized.  Before today all this stuff was just piled on top of each other in the corner of the kitchen.  

After Aaron left for work I got a lot lazier.  It involved a lot of coffee drinking, and sitting on the couch watch reality TV.  

I also started making a list of who we'd like to send Christmas cards to, and addressing the envelops.  I'm going to hand make a few for a select group, but most people will be getting these cute Unicef Snowmen cards.  I need to buy another box of cards though.  

We'll I better get back to addressing my Christmas cards, happy holidays, and happy DIYing, chris!