Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Christmas Decorations

As promised here are some photos of my Christmas Decorations.  First up is our cute little Christmas Tree.  I strung up some white lights, and the set of white lights I spray painted last year.  Then I went to town hanging our old cherished ornaments, and a few new guys we've picked up over the past couple years.  Most of the family ornaments were given to us by Aaron's lovely mom.  

Here are a few close-ups of our ornaments.  I always see photos of themed Christmas trees, and I think it looks great, but then I break out my decorations, and I can't resist all the old wooden and metal ornaments, and handmade trinkets.
Handmade Dough Dino

This is how we set up our front window.  We ran white lights around the perimeter, and then I hung plastic glittery snowflakes randomly on the window panes.  I have a few candles randomly sitting about, and my DIY Magazine Christmas Tree.  If you'd like to know how I made it I posted a tutorial on it last year, and got the idea from Martha Stewart's tv show.  Last year when I made it I left the magazine pages bare, but yesterday I gave it a little make-over.  I will share how I did that part on Tuesday.  

Hope ya'll are having a good weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!