Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Tree Shopping

I had the day off on Thursday, so Aaron and I took that time to buy our Christmas Tree.  We thought it would be a good idea to do it during the week to beat the weekend crowds.  It was a great decision, there weren't too many people there, and we didn't waste any time waiting inline.  Which also meant there weren't tons of people everywhere, so it was easy to snap a few photos, and I only felt awkward about it once.  At one point we took a break from checking out the trees to photograph the experience (and my outfit), and then mid-photo this nice guy came over to check if we needed help, and that made me super uncomfortable.  I didn't want him to think we just came to take pictures, and not actually buy anything.  

This is where we got our Christmas tree from, Linvilla Orchards.  We could have cut our own, but we were feeling lazy, so we just picked from the precut trees.  Though, while we were checking out the cashier said the precut trees were a little better looking then the cut-your-own trees this year.  Which made me feel better about being a bit of a slacker.  I love their giant poinsettia made of red cloth and wire.  DIY inspiring!

I usually always make the hubby pose for a photo for me, before I hand the camera off to him.  I don't always show the pictures, but he's got such a cute smile, I had to share.  

The jacket is Aaron's early Christmas present to me.  I absolutely love it.  When I tried it on I knew I would be going home with it.  It fits so well, like it was tailored just for me.  The rest of the outfit is my go to look for this season.  A plaid flannel, and jeans just scream fall/early winter.  I have a rather long torso so I always pair my tops with a long tank top, and I enjoy playing with the combo of colors together.  I love a good pair of jeans, and this is the pair I measure all other jeans against.  I bought them from the Levi's store in Manhattan on our honeymoon.  They are from their Bold Curves line, which is so perfect for my body shape.  I usually have a problem with jeans having too much material in the waist, and then the back always gaps open, but that is not a problem with this pair.  

Jacket--  Land's End from Sears
Flannel Top--  Delia's
Tank Top--  Target
Jeans--  Levi's
Shoes--  DSW
Belt--  Target
Sunglasses--  Flea Market in Los Angeles

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend.  I spent today getting the rest of our Christmas decorations up, including dressing our freshly bought Christmas tree.  I plan on sharing photos of all the fun festivities tomorrow.  Happy DIYing, chris!