Wednesday, January 9, 2013

16 Years Strong

A few days ago my parents had to put down our family dog of 16+ years.  It's been hard watching him decline over the last year.  His back hips had been giving him a lot of trouble, and he had been on pain medication to deal with the discomfort.  A side effect of the pain medication was a loss of functionality of his kidneys.  In the last few months his quality of life had rapidly diminished.  My mom was especially close with the little guy.  She works from home, and he would 'go to work' with her everyday, right up until the end.  There is never a good time to lose a pet, but today's my mom's birthday.  At first I thought I'd look on my computer for photos of her and I as a kid, but I stubbled across this photo of Scruffy, and I just had to share.  

Happy Birthday Mom!  I'm sorry for your loss!  I hope your new little dude brings you as much joy as Snuffman, Christine.


Plum-Choc-Nuts said...

Thanks. That was the sweetest tribute ever.

Unknown said...

@Plum-Choc-Nuts Anytime Mom. Love ya.