Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun Friday Fascinations #38

#1.  I'm totally digging this retro style coffee table from All Modern.

#2.  Love this DIY bench from Mak & Jill.  It's made of two antique chairs facing each other!  

#3.  This is a great idea for storage in a kitchen, found on My Home Ideas.  Definitely an idea I want to keep in mind when we remodel ours.  

#4.  I've been searching for a playful small sugar bowl.  My two requirements are that it has a lid and a small spoon.  It is beyond hard to find something that meets those requirements.  Though it doesn't get any better then this one on Amazon.  

#5.  I always have food on my mind, and this Strawberries & Cream Mug Cake looks amazing.  I can't wait until strawberries are in season again!  

I hope ya'll had a great week, and happy Fun Friday Fascinations, chris!