Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun Friday Fascinations #40

#1.  This photo I found on last week's Shirk Report from Twisted Sifter has me cracking up.  I even roped some people at work into helping me recreate our own version of it!

#2.  This cutting board set from ModCloth is a great idea.  I'm always using random bowls for the foods I'm chopping, and this would be a great solution to my mess.  

#3.  This is a fantastic DIY idea from Créme de la Craft for creating Mittens From an Old Sweater.

#4.  I love Blowfish shoes, and this cheetah print pair is mega cute.  I use to be completely anti-animal prints, but I'm quickly falling in love.  

#5.  I pinned this dress I found on Chictopia earlier in the week, and it has been my most popular pin in a looooong time.  In a major way!

Well I have more dishes to wash, and dinner to make.  Have a great Friday, chris!