Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunshine Beats the Blues

Top-- Target
Cardigan-- H&M
Skirt-- ModCloth
Ombre Stockings-- Urban Outfitters
Blue Stockings-- Target
Belt-- Target
Shoes-- ModCloth

The winter blues have been getting to me.  Most days are dreary and overcast.  It's easy to go days without seeing the sun.  Then when the sun does come out the temps drop, and it becomes brutally cold outside.  So I rarely dress up.  The idea of putting on a skirt sounds like torture, even with tights or leggings I just don't stay warm enough.  I love wearing jeans and a sweater through out the winter, but it can get old.  I start to feel like a cartoon character.  Yesterday there was no reason I needed to go out, so I decided to dress up a bit.

There are so many things I love about this outfit!  First, I love all the colors in this.  If you added a pink this would be all my fave colors together.  This top is one of my favorite tops right now.  The detailing around the neckline is awesome.  The skirt is new, it was a present from my mom.  It wrinkles easily, but I like the feel of the material and how cute it is.  The colors are great, and I love how it looks when I twirl in it.  

My favorite favorite part of this outfit are my layered tights.  The ombre tights are new too, and I totally dig everything about them.  It was too cold to let my bare skin show through them, and I love pairing a solid pair of tights with a lacy pair.  I'm pleased with how the two pairs I have on look together, but I also can't wait to try them out with other colors.  I'm head over heels for my flats.  They're so cute, and look awesome with this outfit.  

If this outfit can't help me shake the blues, then I don't know what can!  Have a great weekend everyone, chris!