Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gradient Nails

Today I tried out The Nailasaurus' Gradient Nails tutorial.  I used Orly's Won't Chip for a top coat, Sally Hansen's Green With Envy for the second color, and Orly's Lemonade for the bottom coat.  I had to use two coats to get proper coverage with the yellow color.  One coat was almost thick enough though.  I painted all my nails with two coats of Lemonade. 

Then I mixed the green and yellow together on a paper plate using a paperclip, and then I used a kitchen sponge to dab the polish onto my fingers.  

I cleaned up the skin around my fingers with cotton swabs I dipped into polish remover.  I coated each nail with the clear top coat, which helped smooth out the sponge marks.  

I like this look, but it's not as refined as The Nailasaurus' paint job.  I'll have to try it out with other polishes, and sponges.  I need to buy more top coat, maybe I'll treat myself to a new color!  Hope ya'll had a great weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!