Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pink and Grey Nails

Happy New Years Day!  I should be doing a December Wrap-Up, but I didn't feel like putting in all that work.  So instead I painted my fingernails.  I used two colors I got from Urban Outfitters and Mermaid's Tale by Julie.  

I started off by painting my nails the grey color.  It took three coats!  After letting my nails dry completely I used green painter's tape to tape off the V's on my fingers.  Then I painted on two coats of pink.  I quickly removed the tape.  To finish the look off I added some polka dots, using a paperclip.  I did the dots a little differently on my ring finger and thumb.  

I like my nails look a little different between the fingers. I love a little quirkiness in life, even in the little things like a paint job on my fingernails.  

Hope ya'll have a great beginning to 2013, and happy DIYing this year, chris! 


Plum-Choc-Nuts said...

They look amazing. Great colors!