Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Wrap-Up

Since today is the last day of February I am going to do my end of the month wrap-up.  Today is also my step-dad, Andy's birthday, and I want to wish him a very special Happy Birthday!  I couldn't dream up a better step-dad!  

Today is also Thirsty Thursday, so since I'm not sharing a new recipe I'll tell you which drink was my fave from this month.  I really enjoyed my version of a Strawberry Daiquiri.  Though the Ginger Berry was the most popular.

You always need good food with a yummy drink, so I'll share my favorite recipe from Nom Nom Monday.  Honestly I loved all of them a lot.  I plan on revisiting all of the recipes from this month again, but if I had to pick a new one I'd pick the Chicken Divan.  

My favorite DIY from this month is the Wooden Skewer Wreath I made with some skewers and hot glue.  I love the way it looks.  I might be fond of this project, because I simple sat down and made this, with no research, or pins off of Pinterest, or some other blog's tutorial.  Recently when I've tried that technique the end result isn't so great, but this one turned out perfect.

I know I only shared this gardening project the other day, but I'm totally diggin' the Desert Terrariums I whipped together.  

I had a few other posts this month, but these were my fave.  I wasn't too impressed with my posts this month.  I'll have to try harder this month.  Well that was my February, bring it on March, chris!