Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Friday Fascinations #42

#1. This Leopard Print Nail Tutorial found on The Perfect Fit looks so easy, and totally cute.  I like that they only painted one nail with the print.  

#2.  MoMA sells a lot of impressive design conscious items, and this Toothpick Holder is amazing.  He can actually straddle the rim of a bowl at the ready for poking some hors d'oeuvres.  

#3.  Print & pattern is one of my long time fave sites.  I'm constantly finding new designers I'm in awe of, and completely inspired by.  My newest find is Ella Jane Designs.  She has a ton of fantastic prints, but this one is miraculous.  I could imagine, curtains, throw pillows, sheets, and all sorts of other uses for this pattern.  

#4.  I love bookcases.  When a bookcase is a bit unique I love it even more.  This bookcase I found on inthralld is truly perfect.  Alan Rorie designed this, and he uses an algorithm to customize the unit for every buyer's individual needs.  

#5.  I'm ultra excited about this DIY Herringbone Metallic Artwork from While They Snooze.  The possibilities are endless with this project.  If you're not a metallic person you could always go with deep bold colors on the bottom, and a light pastel that complements the bottom colors.  This seems like a great project to release some artistic energy.  

Those are my finds!  Happy Fun Friday Fascinations, chris!