Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Wrap-Up

Before February gets ahead of me I'd like to review January, and share my favorite posts from the previous month.  I'll start off with my favorite DIY.  I dig on this Outlet Cover Make-over everyday.  It's in my main living space, and every time I'm passing it I'm pleased with how well the pattern blends with the wall. 

My Nom Nom Mondays featured a couple recipes that focused on chocolate, and a couple that were loaded up with pasta and cheese.  My two great loves when it comes to food, so it was hard picking a favorite.  Though with Valentine's Day right around the corner I'm going to pick the Chocolate Cake for Two.  Such a decadent dessert to share with your sweetie this holiday.  

For my Thirsty Thursday's Series I will pick two one alcoholic pick, and a kid friendly drink.  For those who are of age this Adult Coffee Soda is fantastic.  I might be making another one tonight it was so yummy.  For the teetotaler's I have a delicious Chocolate Banana Smoothie.

At my house we've had spring on the mind, which means a lot of garden planning.  We are trying out a new (to us) technique for Starting Our Seedlings in empty milk jugs.  Though the days that followed our first planting have been brutally cold.  So I'm excited/nervous for our seedlings, I hope they germinate, and grow up strong and healthy!

I only shared two outfit posts for January, but it was still hard to pick a favorite.  Since I'm wearing the same pants in the post today, I'm going with this Colorful Textured Layering outfit, though the other outfit was awesome too.  

This Pink and Teal Nail tutorial has been getting a lot of attention.  

In my personal life I celebrated a ton of birthday's this past month.  Happy Birthday to all those who enjoyed another year of life!  Though we also had to mourn the loss of our family dog, Scruffy.  He lived a long happy life of 16 years.  

And that was our January!  Hope you enjoyed, and here's to an awesome February!