Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Update

Our new cat, Winter has been with us for a little over a month now, so I wanted to share some photos of her.  Happy Puppy Bowl! Ha! I'm totally not a sports fan, but I love animals.  So I say what Super Bowl? the Puppy Bowl?  Love that show!  Except I wish there were less labs and more frenchies and pugs.  Or corgis and dachshunds!   

Win hanging out in our built in.   She jumps into this cubby, which is about four feet off of the ground.

Her cat tree around Christmas time.  She's looking out of a window.  Our neighbors have a bird feeder next door, and she spends a lot of hours watching it from this window.  Aaron calls bird feeders cat feeders, and watching her you understand why.  The other day she jumped full force into the window chasing a bird. 

A close up of her crazy lil' face.

Winnie's revolving thought of the day: "I'm soooo coooold".  She can also tuck herself into hoodies Aaron leaves laying around. Yesterday I went to take a nap, and she was hiding in the bed.  I had no Idea she was there, until I almost laid down on top of her!  

Right now she is enjoy the puppy bowl!  She's sitting a few feet from the TV intently watching the action.  Have a great night everyone, chris!