Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stick Project

I have this project that has been slow going, and I'm not done yet, but I wanted to share a little of the progress.  I found this stick in my backyard back in December, and I bought it in to be dried out.  I cleaned off any bark that would easily fall off, and then let it hang out in my dinning room.  Cause that's our "work" room right now.  Strange I know, but we don't have a garage, and the basement isn't really a place I want to store anything.  Little less spend much time.  So we're short on project spaces, and we don't have a dining room table yet, and thus it's the project/work room.  Anyway here is my lovely stick.  It's about four feet in length, and I like it's shape and texture.  I think it's from a Norway Maple.  

I have some big plans for this stick, but first comes it's make-over.  A coat of white primer spray paint.  I sprayed one side from as many angles as I could, then flipped it over and got the other side.  I was please with the results.  I thought I'd have to spray on two coats, but I like the way one coat looks so I'll stick with this.  Though I haven't decided if it might be fun to spray it neon green.  I'll have to think more on that, while I prepare the space I want to use it in.  

Sorry it's so short today.  I had a long work day, and didn't get much time for crafting.  Happy DIYing, chris!