Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cards become Ornaments!

      Got another great idea from Martha.  As the title suggest I rounded up some old cards and made ornaments.

- Old cards
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Small piece of heavy card-stock/cardboard
- Bone folder
- Quick clear drying glue
- Small length of baby yarn

     Drew circles on the cards with a small cup, and then I cut out the circles (about 1.5 inches across).  You only need 8 circles to make one ornament.  I used four different cards, but it's really up to you!  After you cut out the circles, you'll need to draw equilateral triangles in the center of each circles, each point should touch a side of the circle.  Then you'll want to fold on each line of the circle, making three flaps.

Now you can start constructing your ornament.  Start with two circles and glue two flaps together.  It doesn't matter which flap you start with.  Attache more circles, and inclose your globe.  Before you glue together the final two flaps make a loop at whatever length you'd like the ornament to hang with the baby yarn, and tie a knot in the end.  Drop the knot in between the flaps, secure it in a corner touching four circles, and glue the final flaps in place.

Happy DIYing!!