Sunday, December 18, 2011

New life to Christmas wrapping trash!

      I wrapped my presents for Christmas earlier today.  Whenever I wrap presents I always have these useless left over squares.  In past years I've used some to wrap stocking stuffers, but I'm forever left with small irregular squares of wrapping paper.  Actually, when I went to get some boxes and tissue paper I found squares of paper from last year!  This year I finally decided to put them to good use, and turned them into a garland.  

left over wrapping paper 
3/4 in. invisible tape
baby yarn 
clear packing tape

- Cut left over wrapping paper 3 1/2 inches by 8 inches.  Feel free to play with the length!
-  Fold the long side in thirds.

-  Wrap the first strip in on it's self, and tape each end down.

-  Now take your first link and a second strip of paper, when you wrap the 2nd paper in on it's self link it through the first link.
-  Now keep linking a strip of paper through your last link attached to the chain.  I liked to create a pattern with my paper strips, but it's really up to you!  Get creative, and most importantly have fun!
-  To separate the years I folded a length of paper inside out, so the white side showed and then wrote 'Merry Christmas 20__'.
-  When I was done I had about 55 links, which equaled about 8 and an half feet.
-  When I hung it I used some baby yarn tided with bowes in the ends and center.  Then I used clear packing tape to attach it to the wall.  If you had more length you could make more swoops.  Or you could use it on your tree even.  You can hang it just about anywhere with a little yarn and clear masking tape!

Have a good night!  Happy DIYing!