Friday, January 13, 2012

Finishing touches on the Calendar!

Finishing off my monthly calendar!  I should go ahead and mark all the birthdays and holiday's now, but I would rather do it each month at the beginning.  So, first I matched up all the months that will pair together for binding.   I glued an extra scrapbook sheet onto the day's for December and the January art.  This helps add strength for binding.  Next, cut up a bunch of 1.5 inch strips off of basic printer paper.  Add a line of glue on one side of a strip.  I used Elmer's No-Wrinkle Dual Tip Glue Pen (the fat end).  

Then, place the strip half way on the days for June at the top.  

Now place August's sheet which matches up with June's days on top of each other.  Line them up perfectly first, then apply glue to the other half of the strip.  Fold it over apply pressure all over making sure to smooth the pieces together.  

Continue to do that for all the corresponding sheets.  Once you have all of the sheets matched up together stand them up, and line the middles up perfectly.  Stick a needle and embroidery thread through an inch up from the end of the binding sheets.  

Stitch a straight run up the middle.  I went back over the front stitches so it was one continuos line, hopefully that will add strength.  

I made sure to space the stitches so the last one went out the back, and then I knotted it on the backside and cut it off.  

I have a tiny nail in the wall for my calendar already, so I used a binder clip to hold the first month up.  

Then I stamped cupcakes for the birthday's during January, and we have a graduation party to go to on the 28th so I stamped a party hat & wrote the time down.  

I also colored the cupcakes in with colored pencil, and wrote the birthday person's name in sharpie next to it.  
Oh, and today is our one month anniversary, Happy DIYing!