Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heart Crayon Valentines

Today I created the tags for my heart crayon valentines.  

- 2 3/4" Marking Tags
- Letter stamps
- Pink ink pad w/matching pen
- Scissors 
- Twine

Decide what you want your tags to say.  I chose to go with "Have a colorful Valentine's Day" and "You color my world".  Play with a couple tags first to get the placement correct.  Once you are ready lay out five tags at a time, and stamp your first letter on each tag. 

Spell out the rest of your phrase.

On the back of my tags I used a stamp that says "created with <3", and then I signed my name.  I think the pink ink came out better.  

When you need a break from stamping, wrap twine around a heart crayon and tie on a finished tag.   

Now you have some lovely valentines to give out!

Happy DIYing!