Monday, January 2, 2012

March Calendar

Here are some images for February.  I glued the heart I cut out yesterday down, and I wrote out 'February' in red yarn.  I first wrote 'February' in pencil, and then went over it with glue as I glued the red yarn to it.  

Today's main focus was March.  I decided I wanted to have a mamma elephant holding a bunch of balloons that spelled out 'March', and a baby elephant following behind.  I started with the elephants.  I drew them on two separate sheets of paper in a solid green color.  Then I cut them both out.  I figured out the best position for the elephants on the scrapbook page, and glued them down.  I left the trunk for the mom elephant loose though.  

Then I cut out a bunch of balloons, definitely more than I needed.  I used a couple different patterned sheets of paper, and some solid sheets too.  I then would position a balloon, and cut a piece of string, so it would run from under the balloon to the mamma elephant's trunk.  Once everything was in place I would glue the balloon over top the string, and then tuck the other end of the string through the mamma elephant's trunk.  

Once I was satisfied with the number of balloons I took 5 solid colored balloons, and on each one wrote 'm', 'a', 'r', 'c', 'h'.  Then I glued them down like the other balloons, and making them spell out 'March'. 

Of course I ended with gluing down the squares for all of the days, like I did for the previous two months.  

This month is definitely the best so far!  Hope ya'll enjoyed!  Happy DIYing!