Sunday, January 1, 2012

Redoing Yesterday's Project

I was really unhappy with the outcome of yesterday's project, so I  spent a lot of time re-doing January.  I also planned out what sheets would be for each month.  Hopefully with that being organized the next few days projects will go smoothly.   

First I made a paper snowflake out of white paper, and a 4 inch square frame out of blue foam.  I glued the foam frame in the center of the scrapbook sheet, then I glued the paper snowflake over the frame.  I'm never all that pleased with my freehand, so I cheated and printed out 'January' in a fitting font.  When printing be sure the letters are the correct size and spacing.  Then cut out the inside circles for the As, and then cut out the whole word.  Then I held the stencil in place on the scrapbook paper and painted the letters white.  Afterwards I went over the letters with silver glitter. 

I wasn't able to glue down the heart I cut out for February, but here are some photos of what I got done for this month.  I will complete it tomorrow, when January is completely dry.  

This is a stencil from a great book called The Complete Photo Guide to Paper Crafts.  This is what I'm going to use for my February page.  

This is what it looks like cut out and flattened. 

Happy DIYing!